Avoiding Color Problems

We frequently receive desktop publishing or graphic design files produced by customers on their office or home computer. To help you avoid costly file corrections or re-do’s we have put together a few graphic design tips.
First, call us before you begin to ask if the desktop publishing program you are using is compatible with the programs we use here.

One of the biggest challenges in Desktop Publishing for color printing with 2 or more colors is keeping your spot colors specified correctly within your software. To illustrate this point, let’s use the example of a flyer that is printed with red & blue inks.

ï½· First, you must specify the red and the blue in your software. In this case we’ll use Pantone Reflex Blue and Pantone 032 Red (The Pantone spot color palette is the standard for spot color printing).
ï½· After deciding which colors to use, you must make sure to consistently select the “uncoated” or “coated” palette*. You can easily pick Red 032 cvu (uncoated) for some items and Red 032 cvc (coated) for other items. Then, when we output printing plates from your graphic file, we will get separate plates for each red (some of the items appearing on one Red 032 cvu plate, some of the items appearing on another Red 032 cvc plate). This separate plates problem has to be fixed before your job can be printed, which can be both time consuming and costly.

Also note that you will have a more accurate idea of the color you will get in the final printed project by using the “uncoated palette” when your project will be printed on uncoated paper. Also please note, the colors you see on your computer screen or color printer are very unlikely to match the final printed piece. Computer monitors and printers use an entirely different system to achieve colors, and different monitors are usually calibrated differently. If color is critical, select your colors from the Pantone PMS Swatch Book available at our office. The Pantone Swatch book contains actual printed samples of each PMS color.
For reference the PMS or Pantone Color Palettes you may find available in your desktop publishing or graphic design software are listed below.

Pantone Color Swatch/Palette Suffixes: 
U = uncoated paper
C = coated paper
CV = computer video
CVU = computer video simulating uncoated paper
CVC = computer video simulating coated paper
The most desirable for printed projects are U or C, although CVU or CVC will also work in most cases.

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