recycle_treeYou can help with recycling, we do.

We have been aggressively recycling scrap paper for many years.  We recycle at home as well.  We had misplaced the Recycle Instructions which the City sent when Recycle Tubs were distributed a few years ago.  After looking online for info, we decided to make the Recycling Tips available to other people also.  Simply copy and print the Guidelines below. That sheet can be posted on or near your Recycle Tub.

Thanks for helping … Mike Kendall




City of Dayton Recycling


Recycle plastics coded 1 through 7

Recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard and any paper products not soiled by food or liquids.

Also, Recycle bottle and cans. No food or liquids should be included and Rinse containers before recycling

Remove caps, straws, and lids before recycling

Place recycling containers at least 5 feet from waste containers on pickup day.